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As we all know, cheaper is not necessarily better. A higher caliber of support sets Imagion apart.

Web Hosting Pitfalls

Many of today's hobbyist website owners will have headache after headache switching from one web hosting provider to another. Why? Basically, everyone instinctively tries to find the lowest price and compares the technical aspects --such as speed, storage, transfer allowance, etc etc. The problem is that this method of analysis overlooks one tremendous flaw inherent with 99.9% of all hosting companies online today: service.

Ask any webmaster whose been online for more than a few years, and they will have numerous horror stories of why they hopped from one hosting company to the next. They will rarely have any kudos to share about a web host that has kept them for more than a year. Case in point, Imagion.com generates a large portion of its business from referrals; referrals that have been with us for years. Some of our existing clients have been with us since we started hosting websites back in 2001!

Imagion.com owns and operates a large number of servers and hosts a multitude of websites. However, we go to great lengths to mask our identity by providing anonymous DNS servers (et cetera) that have even been registered anonymously using a private registration service. There is virtually no way to track down all of our domains, customers, and servers. This helps to isolate our customers from harassment and also allows for reseller customers to offer hosting to their customers without having their customers know about Imagion.

If you take a chance with us, we guarantee you won't be sorry! :)

To your success!



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