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As we all know, cheaper is not necessarily better. A higher caliber of support sets Imagion apart.

What Sets Imagion Apart?

There are several factors that sets Imagion.com apart from other web hosts. In this brief article, we will focus on four (4) points that make us stand out:

  • Superior Service
  • More intuitive choices
  • Excellent Uptime
  • Ease of Use

Superior Service

Our strongest feature is our customer service -going above and beyond, looking for creative solutions when necessary, and being available when there's an issue or a question. Being able to speak to a real, live human makes all the difference when you are first trying to get things set up or when you run into a problem.

First and foremost, Imagion.com's highly knowledgeable and technical staff strives to deliver the utmost in customer service and response times. However, our trained support personnel are also chosen for their unique ability to communicate with non-techies. So, we know our stuff, but you don't have to. ;)

More Intuitive Choices
Another Imagion uniqueness deals with our web hosting offerings. Unlike other web hosts, we do not require you to know and compare packages with all others in the field (which all offer basically the same thing anyway). Instead, we like to focus on packages based on use (not just for techies) and not so much on the technical details. Web hosting has basically become a commodity, so we offer just as much (if not more) as any other hosting company. However, we present it to potential customers in an easy to understand manner --such as "Beginner Sites" and "Multiple WebSite Plan." This -we feel- makes it much easy to know you are getting the right hosting package.

Although, if you are an advanced and experienced online guru; we also provide a link to the gritty details of each hosting package. Basically, even the "Beginner Sites" are given more space, bandwidth, and emails than 90% of all sites on the Internet would ever use. But, if a customer does happen to go over those initial milestones, we simply increase that particular customers allowances at no extra charge. This way, we can allocate just enough for each customer on an as-needed basis --thereby saving everyone money!

Excellent Uptime
Speaking of our qualified staff: we have maintained excellent uptimes over several years of being monitored by a third-party monitoring company. If you are interested, please view our hosting uptime stats here. As you can see, we have consistently maintained a near perfect record for uptime. Although power outages and network outages do occur, we implement multi-tiered redundancy in every aspect of our company. So, it may be impossible to maintain 100% uptime, but we definitely give it our best shot!

Ease of Use
Last but not least, we have chosen the most popular and stable combinations of hosting software to bring you a simple-to-use and easy-to-understand method for managing your web site. We have numerous visual aids to walk you through most website tasks. What's more is that if you still require assistance, we would be happy to help you via our helpdesk ticketing system or over the phone. We simply provide all of these methods in an effort to keep support costs as low as possible in order to offer our web hosting at affordable prices.


Thank you for choosing Imagion.com!



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