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As we all know, cheaper is not necessarily better. A higher caliber of support sets Imagion apart.

Helping our customers market their website.
Imagion.com offers a wide range of Internet Advertising Services through its sister company, LinkSmile.com. Some of these services are detailed below, and we feel that any business that wants to generate income with their website needs to advertise. Our LinkSmile marketing division will assist you -at NO charge- by providing you with a customized solution for marketing your website. Determining the best solution for you will take into consideration many forms of advertising with a focus on driving new leads and sales.

So, for more details or to get started, please visit LinkSmile's Homepage now.


The best way to promote your site is by generating awareness with prospective clients that you have direct contact with. Placing your website address (URL) on your business cards, marketing materials, and direct advertising campaigns will help generate and/or solidify prospective sales opportunities!


Basic search engine submittal will help boost your site slightly... unfortunately, a new website will usually be located very far down the list (unless you have a large budget to sponsor your link). However, it does yield a little bit of traffic to your site. And, most importantly, basic search engine submittal is usually free or low-cost. To submit your site, go to the search engine website (i.e. www.yahoo.com, www.msn.com, etc) and then look for a link that says something to the effect of 'Add URL' or 'Add Site.' Click on that link and follow the instructions.

Submitting to each engine can be quite tedious and time consuming, however. There are numerous places out there that will submit you to the various search engines, but you want to make sure they are reputable and that they adhere to all search engine policies --which are typically along the lines of not submitting more than once per month until listed and not submitted AFTER being listed, etc etc.


Seach engine marketing campaigns include 'sponsored link' and 'cost-per-click.' These rates are charged by each particular search engine and are independent of Imagion.com. Typical marketing budgets in the neighborhood of $300-$5,000 per month can take advantage of 'cost-per-click' campaigns. For well-known companies, this can be a big boost in traffic. But for start-ups or small companies, this type of campaign will probably only double or triple a sites traffic (which isn't a whole lot if your site only receives 100 page views a month) -and may not be worth even $300 per month.

Overture is an Internet company that will place a very similar 'Sponsored link' on any number of websites in its network. It is very similar to Google's ad sponsorships, but may be more cost effective. We have not participated in their program, but have heard of companies achieving great results.

'Sponsored link' campaigns will yield a significant boost in traffic by placing your link as part of the main search -but place it within the top three results. However, large search engines -like Google- will start these campaigns at $5,000 per month!


Another great way to boost your search rankings is to boost your "site popularity." Site popularity is determined by an algorithm used by search engines. It calculates your score/rank based upon how many sites (in their database) have your link (text or banner) on them. Some search engines, however, will not count sites that are very small in size (pages, text) or that do not pertain in any way to your site. For the most part, though, having your link on a site is a plus.

Having a link exchange page will help boost your site popularity, but this kind of campaign isn't for everyone. There is also some concerns when linking to just anyone and everyone. The point being that you really should only swap links with websites that are related to your own site. For many cases, it may not even be a good idea to run a reciprocal link exchange -for example, in the case of small,local businesses.

A link page will have links to other websites who in return will link to your site.


Banner / Logo Development
Low-cost banner design
If you need a low-cost banner design solution and want to design your own banner based on templates, we can help you in that endeavour also! If you want to take the time to customize the wording and upload a logo on your own, you can use our automated system to generate a banner (from a gallery of nine, high-quality designs) for only $30-$60. This is ideal for those on a budget and requires no design experience.

If necessary, our design staff can produce a professional, attractive banner for a nominal cost. Each banner will be personalized and customized to effectively promote your site / company. We will design a banner for:

  • a one-time design fee of approximately $150-225 (this assumes 2-3 hours of design/research)
  • on-going design packages starting at $250 monthly (this service provides your company with banners updated periodically to keep them 'fresh' to keep customers clicking). Under these packages, banners will be placed across our various affiliate sites at a discount

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